Rainy Days

      In the world of detailing I enjoy rainy days, however my vehicles does not.  Because my car is less fortunate than my wifes car which occupies the garage I must perform Monthly Detail Maintenance in order to keep it looking great  Which brings me to a very good point, regular detailing is key if you want a stunning vehicle especially when it comes to the Florida elements

I hear a lot of vehicle owners who claim the rain cleans my vehicle and helps between washes, aside from the dirt trails behind the tires their vehicle looks pretty good.  This is a common misconception and I will explain why.  When rain falls from the sky it actually is filtering the air and collecting carbon dioxide making it acidic.  As it falls on your vehicle at low pressure it does not have the ability to remove dirt and debris from the paint fully.  Then when it drys any dirt trapped forms water spots.  Now during a heavy rain period you may not notice the spotting as much, however your vehicle has now endured an acidic wash without a rinse and over time this can lead acid etching marks.  You would get the same marks using tap water if you did not dry your vehicle after washing.   Additionally rain does not clean in hard to reach areas including wheels, tires, door jams, and lets not forget the interior of your vehicle.

So what does all of this mean, well its simple.  Regular protecting your vehicle with Washing and Waxing is key.  How often should you detail your vehicle is dependent on a few key factors such as how your vehicle is stored, where do you drive, and what techniques are you using to maintain the appearance of your vehicle.  Best Case scenario is a vehicle kept in a garage, driven on well maintained roads, and is washed weekly and waxed monthly.  Worst case scenario would be a vehicle that is stored outside, driven on dirt roads, and washed minimally and never waxed.  In the Southwest Florida Climate, worst case scenario will have you needed some extensive work on your vehicle to restore it back to like new condition.  The damage here happens faster than you think and can be as little as 1 year for dark colored vehicle and possible 2 years for lighter colored vehicles.  Start a maintenance plan of your own or contact MI-Detailer and we can help you keep your vehicle protected.